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January 23, 2012
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The young shinigami romed the streets of Death City.  He usually got bored when Liz and Patty went grocery shopping.  Today was the first day he actually got out of the house and did something, besides the missions he frequently goes on.  It's been a slow week, though and no missions have been available.  Kid sighed and kept walking at a steady pace as he entered a neighborhood he'd never been in.  He didn't usually go in this part of the city, but there was a first time for everything.

As he made his way past small houses, he heard a band playing two houses ahead of him.  In curiousity, he crept closer to the sound.  It was a group of teenagers playing their instruments in an open garage.  This reminded Kid of those cliche 80s movies with scenes like this.  Though they sounded quite okay, they looked frustrated.  Then, the lead guitarist spoke, "It's still not right!"

"Because we don't have a lead singer," said the drummer.

Another member stood up from a keyboard he was recently playing, "Well, it's too late, now.  The canidates for the part all said they were busy, joined another band, or they changed their minds."  

The teens all looked somewhat angry at this.

"Perfect!  Just perfect," the guitarist spoke again.

Just then, the drummer noticed Kid was standing across the street, hearing the whole conversation.  He stood up and called to him, "Who the hell are you?  What are you doing?"

This startled Kid and he jumped alittle.  The other band members noticed him too after that.  He frowned at them, but told them his name anyway.

"Kid, huh?"  the guitarist scanned him, "Not a very original name, isn't it?"

Kid's eyebrow twitched.  The keyboarder suddenly shook the guitarists shoulder and said something that Kid could not hear.  The guitarist looked at him as if he were crazy and told him to shut up.  The keyboarder said something else.  After a short pause, the guitarist nodded his head and looked back at Kid.

"Do you wanna sing with us?"  he said, "It'll be just once."

"You really expect some random stranger fresh off the street to accept this offer?"  Kid asked, skeptically.

The guitarist just smiled and nodded in a goofy way.  Kid hesitated.  This was the last thing he'd thought he'd be doing, but he never sang in a band before.  He agreed, but only because he was curious to the new experience.

He walked over to where they were and they told him what song they wanted to do with him.  It was a pretty popular song so, they hoped Kid knew it.  To their delight, he did.

The song was from Touhou and was called 'U.N. Owen was her?'

When they asked if Kid was ready, he said yes and they started playing the song.  As Kid was waiting for his part to start, he closed his eyes and felt the sounds vibrating through his body.  He smiled involuntarily at this.  He snapped out of it in time to sing:

'I gathered up the precious things
I broke them all!  Look, right in front of you
They can't return to their original shape anymore

I broke them, I broke them, I broke them!
With that arm I broke them!

The crimson clouds flow from the west, on such a night
It seems like acting nice is the only thing holding me back
If I could stretch this hand into your chest
You'd think of me, in this lonely room.'

The members of the band were quite shocked from hearing him sing that good and hitting the notes perfectly.  Much to his surprise, Kid was having alot of fun.  He liked this average, cliche garage band.

Once the song was over the members of the band congratulated him.  Kid was very proud of himself for singing so good.

The guitarist patted Kid on the back, "Dude, we'd love it if you joined us," he said, "My name's Brack, the drummer is Kevin, and that's Jeffery."

As Brack introduced himself and his friends, Kid felt a warm feeling in his chest.  They accepted him so quickly, he couldn't believe it.  It was almost too good to be true.  When Kid was about to agree to joining their band, his phone rang.  It was Liz and Patty calling him.  He reluctantly answered it, "Yes? What is it, Liz?"

"Kid!  We just spotted a kishin!  We need you to come right now,"  Liz answered.

By reflex, Kid said he was on his way.  The band frowned.

"You're leaving?" asked Brack.

Kid hesitated, but said, "I have to..."  He looked at Brack and the others, "I'm sorry, but I cannot join your band."

The three teenagers looked shocked.  They all asked him why.

"Because, I am not a human,"  Kid answered, "I am a shinigami, my real name is Death the Kid, and my father is Lord Death.  Now, if you excuse me, I have a mission to go on."

Kid left them starring at him wide-eyed and jaw-dropped.  He pulled out his beelzebub and began to rocket away toward the familiar part of Death City in regret.  He would be sure to remember them, though.  Even when he becomes Lord Death, he'll never forget the time where he felt like a normal human.
Just a little short-story I came up with.
This is just a one-shot
It' s times like this you actually feel sorry for Kid...
Soul Eater (c) Atsushi Okubo
Fanfic idea (c) me
Pic found on Photobucket
I got the idea from listening to this song: [link]
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